As a Master’s or Ph.D. student, writing thesis papers can be time-consuming but equally satisfying once because it helps express your confidence in your belief. Unfortunately, submitting your thesis paper before you get rid of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors can drastically affect your credibility and authority.

Editing is critical in a thesis paper, although many students forget this important stage due to the overwhelming workload. Imagine having spent countless weeks researching and writing your thesis paper only to realize that you scored a super-low grade because it was littered with mistakes. 

The good news is that our thesis fixer can help you detect and correct all the grammar and punctuation mistakes in your work. It works by crawling through your entire work sentence by sentence checking for improper word usage and sentence structure, poorly placed punctuation, and any other esoteric errors. 

But before we show you how to grade a dissertation using our tool, let’s take a look at the importance of editing your thesis paper.

Importance of Editing Your Work Using a Thesis Grader

There are many reasons why you should be super-dialed in editing your thesis paper. And that includes:

To get rid of grammatical & punctuation errors

As earlier indicated, a minor typo error has the potential to completely alter the meaning of a sentence, ultimately ruining your credibility as an author. This is especially true when you are writing an original thesis paper, whereby you have limited sources to quote from. 

To check adherence with formatting & referencing styles

Failing to adhere to the required formatting and referencing styles is highly punishable in academic work. References show that your work is backed by credible sources, as well as give a clear direction on how it is interpreted. By editing your work, you ensure that it conforms to the prerequisite format and style sheet, avoiding any potential problems with your professor

To streamline the structure & flow

Thesis papers are meant to solve or study particular problems in society. As such, they should have a solid structure and logical flow. And this can only be achieved by identifying and fixing any gaps in your arguments through editing.

To check language & phrases

Unlike in article writing where terminologies aren’t particularly crucial, academic writing is particularly strict on this aspect. A particular word may have a different meaning in a different academic field, and you don’t want your readers to read it out of context. For this reason, editing your work helps ensure that you use all the terminologies appropriately throughout your work.

Useful Tips to Grade Your Academic Work & How a Thesis Fixer Can Help

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your academic work, some of them are taught in class as part of your course while some aren’t. Below, we have prepared a list of useful tips to help to grade your essay, thesis, or even dissertation paper.

why dissertation grammar check is so important

Pay attention to the initial brief

When grading your thesis paper, the very first thing markers examine is whether you have adhered to the initial brief. The initial brief entails things such as the thesis type, content focus, subject, formatting, and the word limit. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly go through your essay brief before you begin writing.


A properly crafted thesis paper should have a clear sense of structure. A structure is like a template upon which your message is premised, and it includes the introduction, main body, and conclusion. By getting the structure of your paper right, you are assured of creating a great thesis paper. 

Show your knowledge and understanding of the topic

The only way your professor can assess your understanding of a topic is by seeing whether you have your facts right, how well you have linked different aspects in your thesis, and how articulate your arguments are.  Often, most students tend to cram as many details as they can into a single sentence or paragraph. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive as it may blur or water down the most important arguments in your thesis. To avoid this, ensure everything is laid out in plain terms.

Ensure there are no grammatical and spelling errors

You could have the best thesis in your class. However, spelling and grammatical errors will render your efforts completely useless. The markers are usually examining different mechanisms of English like punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

Along with that, they will be checking stylistic elements such as the formatting, style, and whether your work is easy to read in general. With the help of our thesis grammar checker, you will easily identify and correct all the above-mentioned errors before submitting your work.

Common Errors That Our Thesis Rater Can Help Fix

Finding spelling and grammatical errors in your thesis is difficult, even if you are a professional proofreader. However, our online tool is very good at identifying grammatical, punctuation, diction, stylistic, and factual errors.

Here are key issues that our thesis grammar corrector will help you identify and correct:

mistakes to fix with thesis rater
  1. Typos. Did you mean to type the word morning but instead typed monrning? Our online tool will never let such a silly mistake escape your bare eyes.
  2. Punctuation. Punctuation is easily one of the hardest things to master in writing. Nevertheless, if left unchecked, a simple punctuation mark can change the entire meaning of a sentence in your work. If you are unsure of what punctuation mark to use, let our online dissertation proofreading and editing tool help determine where you need to insert that comma, apostrophe, or any other punctuation symbol.
  3. Passive voice. In writing, using an active voice to explain your ideas is generally better compared to using a passive voice. With our grammar checker, you can check the number of passive words used in your thesis and adjust accordingly.
  4. Overused words. Our thesis grammar checker will also identify overused words in your work and suggest alternative words, making your work richer.
  5. Plagiarism. Along with checking for syntax errors in dissertation or thesis, our tool also doubles as a plagiarism detector. It compares your thesis against billions of web pages and academic databases to see whether parts of your work are published, allowing you to make the changes in advance.

Using our Thesis Grader Vs Manual Editing

Along with identifying a plethora of spelling and grammatical errors, using our thesis checker online free tool comes with multiple other benefits compared to manual editing. They include;

Online Article Grammar CheckerManual Self Editing
SpeedOur tool produces faster and almost instantaneous results.Unlike our automated tool, a human editor can several weeks edit your work. 
EfficiencyOur tool is built with AI and NLP technologies to ensure that it catches different types of mistakes, as well as learn new words depending on usage. Manually editing your thesis can lead to reduced efficiency, because it entails going through the same work over and over again.
CostMostly free.Unless you are doing the editing personally, the cost of hiring a professional editor is pretty significant.
Learning OpportunitiesAs well as identifying grammatical, spelling, and spelling errors in your work, our online paper grader helps improve your language by giving you alternate word suggestions. The learning opportunities in manual self-editing are limited because you have to figure out the next best word to use without any help.

How to Check Grammar and Spelling in a Dissertation Using Our Dissertation Rater

Using our tool is a pretty straightforward process. Follow the following easy to follow steps and you shouldn’t have a problem:

how to use thesis fixer online

Step #1. Visit our website.

Step #2. Copy-paste your typed work in the blank editor field, ensuring you don’t go beyond the word count limit.

Step #3. Wait for a few seconds and the tool will highlight all the phrases and sentences that have errors.

Step #4. Move your cursor to the highlighted words to see the suggestions. Click on the suggestion to automatically implement it.

Step # 5. Once done, you can also conduct a research paper originality check by clicking on the “Check Plagiarism” button. In less than a minute, you will receive a comprehensive report on the status of your work.

As you can see, using a thesis grader is useful, as there many serious and minor writing errors that you can miss. If you are still wondering how to edit a dissertation or thesis, consider using our tool. Thanks to the tool’s NLP technology, AI capabilities, and over 500 English rules, our tool is able to identify grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, as well as overused phrases, vague words, and defective sentence structures. 

Discover the secret to editing and polishing your master or doctoral thesis to perfection by using our free thesis grader today.