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Why I Should Revise My Thesis

I really should correct my thesis. If I fix my thesis of errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or submit a coherent and consistent thesis, I may just have the chance of a higher grade. 

But how do I revise my thesis

And how can I grade my paper for free since I can’t afford subscriptions? 

How to Edit a College Thesis

The sentiments above are shared by a lot of people, students and employees alike. Here are some ways you can follow on how to edit a college thesis.

how to edit a college thesis

Vocalize and Read It Out Loud

By reading the sections of your thesis out loud, you hear and understand how your words flow together. Reciting will help you better internalize and understand the write up better and identify the areas needing correction. Limiting your thesis revision to just visually reading your content has the risk of you overlooking errors or overcorrecting and adding more issues to your content.

Proofread Systematically

Checking for different corrections at a time risks you overlooking even more issues and making more mistakes. Being systematic and correcting each type of error one at a time is a much more efficient approach. Correcting one issue at a time is more manageable for you and less burdensome to accomplish. Divvying up the content, and checking by section makes it easier to go through such a dense write up like your thesis.

Review Your Flow and Logic

Take time to review and understand the flow and logic of your thesis. Does the structure follow the structure required by your instructor? Does it follow the basic structure of a thesis paper? Are the thesis statement and supporting arguments clear and understandable? Is there a clear flow from the beginning to the end of your thesis? Is the transition between sections to another logical or consistent?

Utilize Automated Tools

Many tools can help your dissertation grammar check. There are online thesis checker sites that will grade my paper for free and correct my thesis of grammar and punctuation issues. A good thesis checker site will help you with grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Thesis helper and thesis rater sites will also help with the consistent tone and structure of your thesis.

Correct My Thesis: Common Thesis Revision Mistakes

No matter the level of education, anyone can commit writing mistakes and content issues. There is nothing more stressful than when we grammar check PhD thesis documents or PhD dissertation proofreading. Quality academic papers and essays weigh significantly towards having a good grade, which makes avoiding the following thesis revision mistakes all the more relevant.

Grammar and Spelling

Fragmented sentences are the most overlooked grammatical issue. A fragmented sentence or sentence fragment is when a sentence carries an incomplete thought or is a subset of a complete sentence. Other common grammatical issues are incorrect subject-verb agreements and misplaced modifiers. With improper S-V agreements, verbs should take the format of its subject – singular verbs with singular subjects and plural verbs with plural subjects. 


Misused semicolons and comma splices are among the most common grammatical errors. Comma splices are when a comma is in between 2 independent clauses not connected by coordinating conjunction. Semicolons work like a comma and a period; separate independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction, or separate phrases with commas. Despite its simple rules of usage, semicolons are often mistakenly used.


The content structure encompasses the logic, flow, and transition of one paragraph to another. Basic structure dictates that content starts with an introduction or thesis statement, followed by the body with supporting arguments. The conclusion revisits the thesis statement, summarizes the supporting arguments, and derives a conclusion.

A structural mistake happens when sentence ideas and its details do not follow a logical flow. This can make the essay look and sound out of sorts and compromise the arguments presented in the essay. To address these, we need to review and re-read content and the sentences to ensure coherence and clarity of thought.

Benefits of a Good Thesis Checker

It makes life easier. A good thesis checker makes thesis revision and error correction more efficient and less time-consuming. A good thesis checker alleviates the burden and initiates error identification and checking over copious pages of PhD dissertation proofreading. This thesis helper gives you a good start on your thesis revision. A thesis rater and thesis helper site enables you to correct the identified errors and help you enhance your content.

Pros and Cons of Online Thesis Checker

The pros of using the usual online thesis checker are that they have automated thesis revision processes and tools to make thesis revision easier. Good thesis checkers and dissertation grammar check sites have tools to configure error correction processes. The majority of these thesis helper sites are also FREE of charge to use! 

Unfortunately, these same online thesis checker sites can also have hidden additional costs for full premium services. Subscriptions can provide premium services, such as in-depth thesis revision and review and professional proofreader services, but can also have hidden additional costs added. These online thesis checker sites may also have word limitations on checked words and characters.

The online thesis checker has a balance of products and services for its users. The site has the tools that automate numerous thesis review, error identification, and correction processes. The thesis helper also has subscription options with more features and has transparent costs. 

how thesis helper works

Thesis Revision Using Online Thesis Checker

Using an online thesis checker is easy! You only need access to the thesis helper, paste your content into the check field, set your thesis revision parameters, then your set! There are many free and fee-based options for online thesis checker tools. If you were revising short essays with no data or proprietary restrictions, free tools are more favorable for you. A fee-based online thesis checker option can be more beneficial if you are correcting research papers or PhD dissertation proofreading.

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