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What Dissertation Editing Difficulties Do Students Face? 

Dissertations take time and lots of effort to complete. However, before you submit the work, it is important that you edit it for correctness.  Here are a few reasons why it is important:

  • ✓ It ensures clear explanation and presentations of ideas
  • ✓ Ensures that all work borrowed elsewhere is properly cited
  • ✓ Editing gets rid of spelling and grammar mistakes that may affect the quality of the paper

Students face several challenges when editing their dissertations, which may affect the quality of the final paper. Here are some of the problems:

  • ✓ Inability to check all grammar and spelling errors in a document. Without a comprehensive grammar checker, they tend to miss some mistakes, especially the complex noun and syntax errors
  • ✓ Lack of tools to check the citation errors in their work, leading to a few plagiarism strikes
  • ✓ It takes time to edit a document.  Most students do not have the time and often rush in their editing process.

Our dissertation checker can help students deal with these problems by availing several tools to enhance the speed and effectiveness of the editing process.

Typical Mistakes One May Do While Writing Dissertation

Here are some of the typical mistakes that you make when writing your dissertation.

mistakes that need dissertation revision

Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

In the course of writing a dissertation, you are about to make various errors that include syntax errors, poor word choice, missing punctuations, poor flow, and spelling mistakes. You need to do a dissertation grammar check to pick up some of the errors.

Wrong Formatting

 When writing a dissertation, you must keep to the instructions about spacing and font size. Most students forget to keep to these requirements.

Wrong Citations

You must cite every work quoted from other sources. Most students fail to cite some sources or use the wrong citation when doing so. In some cases, students cite too few sources, making their work look generic. It is vital that you read the instructions to determine if you are using APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turban citation method.

Academic Integrity Violations

It is important to read the campus doctoral program guideline on academic integrity and stick to them, without exception. Some of the violations that students make are related to the type of English used, the limit of the number of pages in the problem statement, and the maximum age of the old sources.

Guide on How to Find and Fix Different Kinds of Errors

If you are wondering, “How will polish my dissertation?” Here is a guideline on how to find and fix different kinds of errors:

  1. Pick a software tool that can offer grammar help with dissertation. It should be a tool that is able to find and detect various types of grammar and spelling errors. It should also have a way of how to check for syntax and spelling in a dissertation.
  2. Review your campus policies for writing dissertations and other papers. Apart from the content, your professor will check if you have met each of the regulations. Therefore, review them and check your work before submitting it.
  3. Review your citations. Citations make up a major part of your dissertation. Ensure that you have cited each source correctly so that your professor may take a look at them and evaluate the quality of the information. Stick to one citation method throughout the entire paper.
  4. Check your problem statement and ensure that your research and chapters attempt to resolve the problem. Each chapter must tackle a part of the problem conclusively so that the paper flows well to the end.
  5. You need to have enough time for editing dissertation. This allows you to go through all the issues discussed in the section above in detail and refine your paper.

Using the Thesis Grader for Dissertation Proofreading

Our thesis checker is your all-in-one dissertation revision helper as it comes with various features. Check some of the main features of thesis grader.

Grammar Checker

Our grammar checker is able to pick and fix different types of errors that include syntax errors, spelling mistakes, poor word choice, capitalization errors, and missing punctuations. It underlines mistakes with your writing during dissertation proofreading and suggests possible fixes. The tool is not only effective but greatly reduces your editing time.

Plagiarism Checker

 If the course of your writing, you may add content that matches information in other sources. Our dissertation paper grader checks the work against millions of websites to ensure that your work is unique. Besides, it gives a link of where the work may have been lifted and the portion that matches the site for easy editing

Chapter Checker

If you have problems revising your paper, our tools have an easy to follow guideline on how to revise dissertation chapters. Using it, you can check your problem statement, your abstract, and each chapter to the conclusion for grammar, conciseness, and flow of information.

How to Polish Your Dissertation with Our Paper Grader

The online tool is easy to use and does not require any download. To check your papers, follow the following steps:

how dissertation checker works
  1. Visit the webpage on any connected device
  2. Copy and paste the part of your document that you would like to proofread on the space provided. Alternatively, you can upload the entire document into the proofreader.
  3. Let our tool check your dissertation using the features discussed in the part above
  4. Go through the paper, incorporating the fixes suggested by the dissertation helper
  5. When the dissertation proofreading process is over, just copy your article

There is no limit to the number of pages you can upload for dissertation proofreading. Therefore, you can check the entire document or a part of it.

Use our dissertation grammar checker to proofread your college papers today!